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Title: The Astral Ordinance, Book 1
Author: Meltem Y.K
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Publication Date: December 22, 2012

Jayna is about to graduate from high school and embark on an exciting journey in higher education – or so she thinks. In the wee hours of one fateful night she finds herself in the middle of a battle with demons. She assumes it’s a nightmare; a young warrior, Ethan Wells, convinces her otherwise. Jayna discovers that she is an evolved human who can travel between dimensions and is also capable of extinguishing demons. She is a prime candidate for the Astral army. An innocent first-love blossoms between Jayna and Ethan. They become partners in the Astral army against demons and other forms of evil. Ethan is in charge of her training; they spend the next few years as carefree college students by day, demon fighters by night. However, there is a small glitch in their happiness: They are forbidden by the Astral Masters to see each other on Earth. As much as they love one another, they cannot be together in their physical forms. However, the Astral Plane is about to have a first.

Excerpt One

“You think this is a dream?” He laughed, a soft chuckle escaping his parched lips.

“Yep.” Her copper head bobbed up and down. “It sure is. Look I am even wearing my pajamas.”

The girl smiled and every sane thought fled Ethan’s head once again. He was falling under the spell of the most beautiful girl he had seen in his life. He better find something intelligent to say to her; put his poker face on; stop gawking at her.

“No, guess again,” he said, “and stop pinching yourself. You won’t wake up, because this is not a dream.”

“Then, what is this place? Where am I?”

Excerpt Two

Why don’t I meet a guy like this in real life?

Duhhh, because he isn’t real, she reminded herself. He is a figment of my imagination, so I made him as hot as I could imagine. Uhh, I sure wish he was real.

She had lagged just a bit behind Ethan where she had a close-up view of his sexy back, his wide shoulders and ripped muscles. Her heart gave a little lurch. She wondered what it would be like to be wrapped in those arms.

Ethan turned around and winked at her. Jayna went beet red.

I am sure I didn’t say those things out loud, she thought. There is no way he heard my thoughts… but why did he wink at me?

Excerpt Three

I am here to welcome you, Jayna. Be patient. Your questions will be answered in due time. You will be given protection and all the help you need.

The Astral visitor shimmered and disappeared.

Jayna’s hand shot to the chain around her neck; another Astral artifact as proof that she was not imagining things, she was sure of that. Jayna walked to her full-length mirror and admired the chain, an intricate piece made of spun gold.

Jayna had never seen such beautiful jewelry as worn by her visitor.

She went to her bathroom and splashed cold water on her face. She changed into a pretty sundress, put some make up on and brushed her hair. She took the photo that she was framing for her grandmother and headed out giving Mia a pat on the head. Mia smiled and wagged her tail in response.

A wave of love from Mia hit Jayna like a soft wind.

Interesting, she thought, I never felt that before.

Her Astral experiences were already changing her.

Excerpt Four

“Are you going to read my cup, Ayshen,” Grace asked “or did the coffee spirits quit for the day?”

Ayshen looked at Grace’s face and then back into her cup. “No, no quit.”

She shook her head gravely. “I see a rat and dark clouds. Trouble and damage. Be careful. No impulse. Think first, okay? Enemy is hiding, waiting, will make trouble. Bad person.”

Ayshen gave her head a shake and tried to snap out of the cup’s bad mood.

“Sorry. Stupid cup. Forget it. Only for fun.”

Excerpt Five

“Remember the little story I told you yesterday at school?”

Pavlina nodded.

“It was not a story I made up, Pav. It’s true, every word of it,” Jayna confessed.

“You can’t be serious.” Pavlina was dumbfounded.

“I am serious. I was out fighting demons last night and doing other stuff when Ethan asked if I knew that you were pregnant. He saw it in your aura. You have a pea sized light bulb in your tummy, that’s how he knew it. He showed it to me too,” Jayna explained.

“I am not going to pretend that I understand what you are talking about.”

Excerpt Six

To say that I am overwhelmed doesn’t even come close to how I feel. Why were we thrown together this way? I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know there is a reason for it. You told me to trust my intuition. I am doing that now. There is something that we have to accomplish, though I have no idea what it is, only that it’s very important and it scares me. I am not sure how I will measure up to what’s expected of me.

Meltem Y.K is a woman of many hats. She is a hereditary mystic, an animal lover, a voracious reader, a writer, an employee, a mother, a wife, and now a new grandmother. Mysticism runs in her family, she is very familiar with the subject. To her, it is a way of life so it is no wonder that her stories are totally entrenched in mysticism and the paranormal. In her own words, the paranormal is her normal. Meltem Y.K is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and holds a B.A. in Economics. She has been working at her alma mater for the past twenty-one years and hopes to retire from there. Meltem Y.K lives and works in the Waterloo region where the story of Astral Ordinance takes place.

1. Meltem Y.K is a hereditary mystic. What the heck does that mean? It means mysticism runs in her family. Not everyone in her family is a mystic, but some are. She is one of them. Most of her life, Meltem Y.K hid this fact from the people around her, because it would freak some people out. Finally, she came out of the closet, but she does not talk about it incessantly.

2. She is a great dream interpreter. It’s one of the side benefits of being a mystic.

3. As a child, Meltem Y.K wanted to be a doctor, but it wasn’t meant to be. Instead, she became a healer.

4. She is a Reiki Master and has taught Reiki to countless people. She does not charge a fee for her teachings or for her distance healing. This is something she does to help people, spread Reiki and create good Karma.

5. Meltem Y.K is also an avid Feng Shui practitioner.

6. Normally, Meltem Y.K is a fun person, but at home she tells her family she isn’t and claims that she does not do jokes. The intent of this strategy is to keep her kids from clowning around too much.

7. Meltem Y.K is an animal lover and an animal rights advocate.

8. Meltem Y.K would never wear a fur coat.

9. She is a vegetarian, but not a vegan; she still eats honey and cheese. A true vegan would not even eat honey.

10. Growing up, Meltem Y.K was scared out of her mind when a bee came near her. Now, her dream is to own a bee hive and produce honey.

11. Meltem Y.K believes in Karma. What goes around comes around – even from a past lifetime.

12. She, obviously, believes in reincarnation.

13. Meltem Y.K is a student of Kriyayoga as taught by Swami Shri Yogi Satyam.

14. Meltem Y.K recommends The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda (another Kriyayoga master) to anyone who is interested in Yoga.

15. Meltem Y.K is a soccer mom.

16. She also loves martial arts and wishes she had the opportunity to learn it at a young age. She has a yellow belt in Karate, but she is pretty sure she has forgotten everything she learned. She stopped due to injuries. She is content watching her son learn Kung Fu from a world champion.

17. Meltem Y.K is a girly girl - at her age woman might be a more appropriate word.

18. She loves perfumes and jewelry. Emeralds are her favorite. She loves concocting her own lotions, potions and scents, and grows her own lavender.

19. Meltem Y.K is also an artist. She dabbles in other art forms such as watercolors and Chinese style painting with bamboo brushes.

20. Meltem Y.K is a proud first time grandmother.





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