Review Policy

All reviews posted are written with out receiving any sort of monetary compensation.  Many of the books reviewed were received via Netgalley, but I am happy to review on an individual basis also.  Links to all reviews will be posted on Goodreads, Amazon, and Twitter.  Please see below for my review preferences/policies:
  • Any review posted will be my 100% honest opinion.  However, I always make it a habit to approach this policy delicately.  I know how much work goes into creating a world from the inner-workings of your mind and have no desire to squash anyone's enthusiasm.  Because of this, if I do not feel I can honestly give a book at least a 3 star rating, I will not post the review.  Instead, I will post a promo spot.
  •  I accept all FICTION genres in YA, NA, and adult.  In other words: please do not ask me to review your self-help or religious exploration book.  I am also not the person to send short stories or anthologies.  Novellas are fine.
  •  I will accept ARCs or already released books directly from publishers or authors.  Small press and self-published authors are welcome (and encouraged!)
  • I will accept ebooks, audio books, and bound books.  Bound books are preferred whenever possible.
  • Please give me enough notice to review your work.  I typically like to post reviews of ARCs about two weeks before release, but this if you prefer otherwise I will work with you.  With that in mind, please consider that I have other books that I am working on also, so the more notice the better!

I am happy to help your promote your book(s) through blog tours, interviews, cover reveals, etc.

If you are interested in me reviewing your book please feel free to contact me via my email at or use the contact form to the right.  No need to be formal about it, just include a brief blurb of your book and cover if available.


  1. This is a wonderful service you're doing here. My question is, when do you find time to write? LOL

    1. Teehee! I have a good little routine going. Since I'm a stay at home mom I usually take advantage of the mornings while the kids are at school (well, 3 hours of preschool for the youngest) for writing. My reading and such I do at night when they're in bed.