Wednesday, July 2, 2014

THE ROMAN MONGREL by Mary Bernsen: Release!

Hi all!  I'm so excited to announce the surprise release of my historical fiction novel, THE ROMAN MONGREL.  Currently, it is only available in Kindle format, but it will be released in paperback ASAP.

Title: The Roman Mongrel
Author: Mary Bernsen (Me!)
Category/Genre: New adult/Historical Fiction


For Princess Chiomara, freedom from the Romans isn't good enough. She will have her captor's head.

Loosely based on the true story of the war between Rome and Galatia, The Roman Mongrel is focused on the wife of a Galatian chieftain. Princess Chiomara is a feisty noblewoman who carries herself with incredible passion and bravery - even after she is captured by the Roman army.

Captivated by her beauty and unique spirit, the centurion that oversees her care is unable to resist his lust for her. After an opportunity for freedom presents itself, Chiomara faces two options: to flee, or to seek revenge.

The Roman Mongrel is a new adult historical fiction with a rich mix of war and female empowerment, sprinkled with a touch of romance.


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