Saturday, February 8, 2014

That Blasted Query Letter!

This post comes at the request of a fellow writer who wanted to see the query letter I used to perk an editor's interest enough to keep reading.  I sent it to her, and got to thinking.  When I was first starting to write seriously I scoured the internet in search of letters that worked, so why not share mine with you all?

For the record:  I went through 2 other drafts before I came to this one.  I sent the first with the first round to agents and editors and figured out pretty quickly that it was not good enough.  The second draft elicited some bites, but did not do much better. PitchWars helped me polish it up to perfection, and it took a grand total of four weeks from pitch to contract.

The best part is, I honestly feel like I totally get the whole query thing now.  I just finished one for my WIP and I actually really love it.
So here it is, folks.  This query letter was sent to 10 agents/editors and earned me 6 partials and 4 fulls.  Not too shabby!

Dear agent/editor:

Twenty-four year old Eliza discovers her roots in Voodoo royalty, but claiming her throne means giving up her soul mate.

After learning that she is adopted, Eliza begins her search for her biological family and is propelled into an underground world of witchcraft, seances, and sacrifices where she is worshiped as the descendant of the last great voodoo queen of the bayou, Marie Laveau.  From her great, great, grandmother, she has inherited the ability to heal the souls of others by a simple touch of her hands.
Using this gift, Eliza is expected to return the voodoo community and religion to glory. A task not so terrible if it could be lived beside the devastatingly endearing Samuel Mueller. But Samuel is her Keeper; his charge is keeping her safe and according to tradition he is not permitted to mingle romantically with his ward. The two struggle to smother the flame that grows between them while Samuel meets his demands as Eliza's guardian, keeping her from those who would sooner have her killed than let an outsider rule the Bayou. 

HEALING THE BAYOU is a new adult paranormal romance that is complete at 60,000 words.  As per your submission requirements, below I have included (insert individual requirement here).  I would be happy to provide additional material, should you be interested.  I look forward to hearing from you, thank you for your time.

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