Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Review: Ink: Vanishing Point (book 2) by Bella Roccaforte

INK: Vanishing Point 

Category/Genre: Paranormal (Romance?)/Adult

My star rating: 5/5

Goodreads blurb: Shay Baynes is being put through her paces.
She’s under the threat of multiple murder charges, is being stalked by one of her fans and she’s dealing with the loss of her home as well as the mystery of what happened to Aiden. Everyone in her life is candy-coating the truth and treating her like a child.
Shay makes the decision to go it on her own and get away from everyone smothering her only to find out that the murder charges are the least of her worries. Now she’s fighting to stay alive trying to get out of the cruel haunted playground the specter has created for her.

THE RAVE WORTHY:  It's official: Bella Roccaforte is my favorite author.  Yep. I said it.  You may remember a while back when I reviewed book 1 in this series titled Ink: Fine Lines and I really, really enjoyed it.  Vanishing point is even better.  There is way more of the paranormal aspect in this one, although I still can't tell you what the hell the Specter is.  I think it's a ghost story...maybe?  Anyways, the imagery in this book is amazingly haunting, so much so it airs on the side of horror.  I got goosebumps reading about the new world that Shay finds herself in and I wanted to hide under my covers away from my own GalaxyTab.  I didn't, of course.  The book was way too awesome to put down.  The ending to this one left me just as tortured as the last, but I'm growing to love it I think.  Luckily, because I purchased it on the (early) release day Bella was sweet enough to send the first three working chapters to me, so SQUEE!  You won't hear a peep from me about them though, not until book 3 is released.  On the technical side of things:  as predicted the story advancement was flawless.  Bella's writing style is unique and unmatched.  As for the characters: what the hell happened to Shay, Bella?! I love love love her new bitch-in-charge attitude.  Eli is still Eli, sweet but just not the right match for Shay.  I changed my mind about who I'm rooting for; it used to be Aiden but now I'm thinking McNab is her guy.

THE GRUMBLE WORTHY: I really wished there was a bit more romance to this one. I know, I know.  I said on the first one that I wanted more paranormal, and I got it.  But part of me missed the triangle and smooching *sigh* I'm a romantic, what can I say?   I think there was even more head-hopping in this one, which I've made no secret of disliking in the past.  BUT just like Fine Lines, I don't care.  The story made up for any and all grumbles.  Once again, awesome job, Bella!

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