Friday, September 22, 2017

Book Review: TATTOOED LOVE by Simone Elise

Tattooed Love

Title: Tattooed Love

Author: Simone Elise

Category/Genre: Contemporary Romance

My Star Rating: 4/5

Goodreads Blurb:

When your heart rules your mind, you don’t get to choose who you love. But what if that love could lead to your own destruction?
Amber is a rebellious high school senior and the only girl in a family of outlaw bikers. Her four brothers left when she was young to keep her away from their style of life, but despite their efforts, she’s wrapped up in criminal activities and her life is rapidly spiraling out of control.

With her life finally going up in flames, adding fuel to that fire is smoldering and infamous biker Jax. As she begins to fall for her dangerous love and throw caution to the wind, Amber might not be able to turn back from the risky path she’s chosen...

Being together might be dangerous, but, after all, outlaws are meant to break the rules. 

My Review: 

Ok, so this was my first biker read, and I'm not one for contemporary romances, but I was in the mood for something outside of the ordinary so I thought I would give this one a go... and I actually really liked it!  There was a ton of action, excitement abound, and the chemistry between Jax and Amber was crazy electric, and even though I usually go for the beta guys for my book boyfriends, Jax wasn't too over the top alpha for my taste. Or, maybe it was the way Amber held her own against him that made up for it.  She was a straight up badass and totally had me in her corner right up until the end when she caved to his "rules" so easy (especially considering she supposedly hated him at this point).  It felt way out of character to me, but that was a minor issue.  The only big negative for me was the sex scenes.  I love steamy, don't get me wrong, but these felt... awkward.  I mean, full on conversations in the middle of throwing down?  Mmmm, never happened to me, personally, and it really killed the mood in my opinion.

Overall, great book!

**I received a complimentary copy from Inkitt and voluntarily offered a honest review**

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