Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Book Review: BAYOU SHADOW HUNTER by Debbie Herbert


Title: Bayou Shadow Hunter
Author: Debbie Herbert
Category/Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
My Star Rating: 5/5'

Goodreads Blurb:


Bent on revenge, Native American Shadow Hunter Tombi Silver could turn to only one woman, the "witch" Annie Matthews, for help. Her ability to hear auras had allowed her to discover Tombi's friend mystically trapped by forces that could destroy them all. The accompanying message of a traitor in their midst meant Tombi could trust no one. Dare he bring Annie along on his quest to fight shadow spirits? Putting his faith in someone outside his tribe, especially one who pulled at his tightly controlled desires, could prove just as dangerous as his mission…

My Review:  

I started off thinking I wasn't going to like this story very much.  Annie was a bit...we'll call it abrasive for my liking right out of the gate.  But, this is one of Debbie's books, and deep down I knew she wouldn't let me down.  Once we got to the heart of Annie's insecurities and off-putting demeanor, I totally got it and loved her for her flaws.  I mean, who could go through life with a constant ring in her ear that kept her on the outside of every circle she came across with out catching a chill?  She earned her sass, and I'll let her have it.  As for Tombi; Oh sweet, tortured Tombi.  So caught up in his demons that he almost misses the angel in front of his face.  The best part of the story (the best part of ALL of Debbie's stories) was how deep you're submersed in the culture.  I feel like I'm practically a witch-brew expert and could heal all your ailments just from reading this book.  Another hit from my favorite author, Debbie Herbert!

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