Thursday, May 14, 2015

Book Review: SIREN'S TREASURE (BOOK 2 OF DARK SEAS) by Debbie Herbert



Title: Siren's Treasure (Dark Seas #2)
Author: Debbie Herbert
Genre/Category: Paranormal Romance
My Star Rating: 5/5


 Deep in the bayou, a strange and beautiful world of merfolk exists…

Mermaid Jet Borsage never fit in with her own kind. Her dark hair and eyes set her apart from the other merfolk. Which was why she fell for the wrong man, and why she is still paying the price. One that has made her unwilling to trust any man. Until she meets Landry Fields…

Agent Landry Fields is investigating Jet's former boyfriend, but he knows Jet is hiding something, as well. At first he believed the beauty was involved in her ex-boyfriend's dangerous undersea excavations. But when he realizes he is falling for a real-live mermaid, Landry's by-the-book beliefs are rocked. Now can he save Jet and her clan from modern-day pirates to claim a future with the feisty beauty?

My Reivew:

I'm a HUGE fan of Debbie Herbert, so it's really no surprise that I loved book 2 in her Dark Seas Trilogy. 

I liked Jet's character in book 1 and immediately connected with her in this book.  The romance between her and Landry was refreshingly unique and realistic.  The attraction was there from the start (as with any good romance novel), but it wasn't one of those too-quick-to-believe-it whirlwinds.  Both of them were guarded and suspicious of each other a good way through the book. 

All of the characters were complex and well-developed, and I adored Debbie's use of animals to create their dimensions.  I will say, this one is far less angsty than book 1 which for me is a good thing.  Can't wait to get started on book 3!

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