Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Book Review: VERBOTEN by Heather Osborne


Title: Verboten
Author: Heather Osborne
Genre: Historical Romance
Star Rating: 4/5


Love can be found even in the most hopeless of places.

A young woman in the Lodz Ghetto is given a chance at survival by an old school friend who happens to be a Nazi soldier. Can their love survive in such a dangerous environment?

My Reivew:

I don't generally read short stories.  I frequently find myself unsatisfied by the rushed action and often abrupt ending, but when I read the (short) blurb attached to this story I couldn't not read it.  I mean, a Jewish girl from the ghetto falling in love with a Nazi soldier?  It doesn't get much more forbidden than that--and we all know Mary loves herself some forbidden romance.  I found the characters to be remarkably well fleshed out for length of the story.  I felt like I really knew and understood Irena as a person.  The setting is beautifully (though tragically) descriptive.  This was a brief yet sobering look into a terrible part of history, lightened with a wonderful tale of survival and romance.    

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