Friday, June 20, 2014

INK: Sketches (Book 0 - parts 1 & 2)

So, the author of my favorite series INK has released (or, kind of re-released with extra content) the prequel to INK: FINE LINES.  It's titled INK: Sketches Parts 1 & 2.  Yay!!  And best of all, for the next few days only you can get it for FREE!  I've got the links for here, so head on over and one-click this! You'll be so glad, I promise!

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Title: INK: Sketches Book 0 (Parts 1 & 2)
Author: Bella Roccaforte
Category/Genre: Adult/Paranormal


A deeper look inside of Shay Baynes and the events leading up to the start of INK: Fine Lines.

Shay's life was moving along with all the normal hassles and hazards of your typical twenty year old. Then everything changes when her twin sister is possessed by the Specter and kills herself.

We get insight as to why Shay is the way that she is, why she's making the mistakes that she's making and what lead to all of the main players to react the way they have when the Specter starts to take control of everything.

INK: Fine Lines (Book 1) FREE, should be read first. Then this book can be read at any point after that. 

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