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Book blitz w/ review and giveaway: THE FALL by Sienna Lane and Amelia Rivers

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Title: The Fall
Authors: Sienna Lane and Amelia Rivers
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 12, 2014


When you live forever, you think you’ve seen it all.
Faces blur, time stands still, and nothing can surprise you.
Until I meet her.
The timing couldn’t have been worse. Trouble brews.
My brethren are divided, but the sides remain unclear.
And now, on top of everything, I’m falling for a human.


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My star rating: 4/5

* I was given a complimentary ARC in exchange for a honest review*
THE RAVE WORTHY:  This was a really well-written romance.  It brought you into the story at just the right point, and it progressed exactly as it should. Lovell did a great job of providing back story without making you antsy for the meat of the story.  The characters were well developed, and the sexual tension between the main characters was so real it was almost unreal.  In other words, this chick had me sexually frustrated halfway through.  Though, I'll admit, I had it worse for the love interests brother than archer himself.

THE GRUMBLE WORTHY:  My biggest issue with this book was Archer. In a nut shell: I couldn't stand him.  I'm all for the alpha-dog thing, don't get me wrong.  I married one and they are all over my own books.  But I felt like Archer took it way too far. I mean, if my husband glared at every man who looked at me and said, "Don't look at her.  She's mine!" I'd slap him into next Tuesday.  There's a difference between being protective and being a controlling, possessive ass...and for me, Archer crossed that line. 

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